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I am a designer and developer and have spent my career combining visual design with computer technology. This website is a showcase of my work and experience.

I have had exposure to a broad range of creative and technical disciplines over more than 20 years, often combining several related areas into a single piece of work. I’m still very excited by the possibilities of using computer technology in the creative field to produce exciting and effective work that engages with its audience. I continue to develop this fusion of design disciplines into areas such as app development and programming.

Please find following details of some of the projects I have been involved with in four broad categories below, with details of my work experience on the menu above. I hope you enjoy my work.

Graphic Design

Traditional graphic design for print including typographical layout and corporate branding.

Illustration & imaging

Image-based designs including illustration and photographic retouching.

Web & Multimedia

Design and production of websites and other user-responsive multimedia interfaces for screen featuring sound and video.


Work involving extensive code content and program design for interactive and user-friendly applications.


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